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Moon Knight is a fictional comic book superhero in the Marvel Comics Universe. He was created by writer Doug Moench and Artist Don Perlin for issue 32 (1975) of the Horror comic Book Werewolf by Night. Moon Knight gained popularity, and was granted a Solo story less then a year later. Since, Moon Knight has become a cult favorite hero in the Marvel Universe. He has received 4 ongoing series (the fourth of which is currently running), as well as numerous mini series and specials.

Though Moon Knight achieves bouts of popularity, usually at the beginnings of a new series, he has always retained a cult-like status. Most comic aficionados consider Moon Knight to be Second string at best. This is not a reference to the quality of the character, but rather a description of its importance in the marvel universe, as well as its fan following.

Biography and History

I am a firm believer in NOT reinventing the wheel. Many people have written about Moon knight, and they did a better job then I ever could. Instead of just rewriting any of it, I have links to Important information. This "about" section includes things that I personally want to discuss about Moon Knight, that really isn't done anywhere else.

Moon Knight Wikipedia Entry.
Wikipedia has one of the best Moon Knight Bios I have ever Read. (I have even contributed to it)

Many Phases of the Moon
by. Allen Zelenetz
This is an in-depth history of Moon Knights creation, it originally appeared as a backup feature in a Moon Knight comic. I removed the images in the scan so that it would be a smaller image file.

The Religion of Moon Knight
This is an excellent piece that discusses Moon Knights religious affiliation, as well as Judaism in comic books. It also has references to source material.


Moon Knight

Universe: Marvel Universe (mv1)
Real Name: Marc Spector
Aliases: Jake Lockley, Steven Grant
Occupation: Adventurer, entrepreneur, former cab driver, mercenary, CIA liaison, U.S. Marine commando, and heavyweight boxer
Citizenship: U.S.A., criminal record (pardoned)
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois
Religion: Born Jewish, Currently Worships Egyptian God of Moon, Khonshu
Known Relatives: Elias Spector (father, deceased), Mrs. Spector (mother, deceased), Randall Spector (brother, deceased), Seth Phalkon (alleged great-great grandfather)
Group Affiliation: Current: None Former: Marvel Knights, Avengers (West Coast), Defenders associate, the Committee, CIA, U.S. Marines
Education: High-school graduate

Physical Attributes
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Brown

Powers and Abilities
Powers: Moon Knight gains enhanced strength, endurance, and reflexes at night, reaching his pinnacle during a full moon, and sometimes has prophetic visions.
Abilities: Moon Knight is a skilled boxer, commando, martial artist, acrobat, gymnast and pilot. His multiple identities grant him resistance to some psychic assaults.
Weapons: Moon Knight usually carries a truncheon which can be modified into nunchuks, and silver darts shaped like crescent moons. While serving the Committee, Moon Knight wore a silver cestus on each arm, studded with spikes. While he served the Priests of Khonshu, Moon Knight wielded an ankh which he used as a club, an ax, a boomerang, throwing irons, and bolas. Most of these Egyptian weapons had actually been designed and built for the priests by the time-displaced Hawkeye. Later, Moon Knight wore protective Adamantium armor and wielded an Adamantium staff, a truncheon which could fire a cable line, and gauntlets which could fire his crescent darts. As Marc Spector he wielded various firearms, and would occasionally employ them in his Moon Knight identity as well. Paraphernalia His cape can serve as a glider. For transportation, Moon Knight has employed a variety of sophisticated aircraft. These have included the Mooncopter and Angelwing; the vehicles have featured VTOL (vertical take-off and landing), a rope ladder, and 20 mm cannons.

TakenFrom Official MARVEL Profile



Get Into Moon Knight

So You Think Moon Knight is interesting? Do you want to read some of it to find out if its for you? This is how I would recomend starting.

The most recent volume just started in May 2011, but there is 35 years of Moon Knight goodness leading up to this. Although the writers have made it easy for newcomers to get into the character, there is still considerable backstory. But more importantly, the very best Moon Knight stories to date are still the Original Moench Sienkiewicz 1980 run. If you are interested, I recommend picking up the The Essential Moon Knight Volumes. These trade paperbacks collect the very first Moon Knight stories into a cheap black and white book.

If you prefer color, A recent collection known as Countdown to Dark has been released that collects the original Hulk Stories. These are fantastic, and worth the read. If you are interested in single comic issues, the backbins at most comic stores will have a considerable amount of Moon Knight backissues.

Suggested Chronology, Abridged for Cheapness!

Moon Knight v.1 #1-20 (skip 21+)
Moon Knight Special Edition #1-3
Skip Moon Knight v.2 Fist of Khonshu entirely
Marc Spector Moon Knight v.3 #12-18, 26-31,
Moon Knight Ressurection War #1-4
Moon Knight High Strangers #1-4
Marvel Team-Up V.4 #7-10
Moon Knight V.4 #1-6, 26-30

Amazon Links
Essential Moon Knight 1 Amazon
Essential Moon Knight 2 Amazon
Essential Moon Knight 3 Amazon
Moon Knight Countdown to Dark Amazon

Weapons of Moon Knight

One of the best features of the "Official Handbooks to the Marvel universe" was that they often had nifty diagrams that even the most astute fans had never seen before. such was the case when I ran accross the entry for Moon Knight in one of the 80's issues. I scanned them for your viewing pleasure. The first is a diagram of his Crescent Darts. The second is a diagram of his Truncheon device.

Click the images to see the full versions.



Moon Knight's Costume

With the Exception of Spider-man, Few characters have had as many costume variations as Moon Knight. After being around for over 35 years, Moon Knight has had Many variations of his costume. The biggest debate amungst Moon Knight fans, however, is not mainly about the design of the costume, but rather of its color...

For Further info and images on Moon Knights Costume, Click here for the Feature


The Batman Controversy

Ever since Moon Knight got his own comic in 1980, he has been plagued with criticism that he was nothing more than a Batman rip-off. Despite numerous creator's attempts to change this perception over the years, nothing seems to have changed. Even while browsing ebay today, titles like "marvel's batman" litter the results. Why is this? Well, as with anything worth knowing, it is a complicated issue that is the result of several different aspects.

For Further info on the Batman Controversy, Click here for the Feature


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