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          Feature: Moon Knight's Costume

  Alternate Moon Knights
08-2-11 by: CptFishStick

The stories in comics tend to become more convuluted and complicated the longer they have been in publication. This is evident by the multiple universe theme employed by all the major publishers. The more universes their are, the more versions of each character exists. You don't need an alternate universe to have an alternate version of the character either. Moon Knight is no different, so I have created this ever expanding guide to keep track of them all. The alternate Moon Knights that exist come in all types and styles. Some of them are satires of the character, and some of them are legitimate reinterpretations. This list is ever expanding, and is a work in progress.

Special Thanks to ComicVine, which was an invaluable resource!

Ultimate Moon Knight

The most obvious of the alternate Moon Knights, Ultimate Moon Knight appeared in the pages of Ultimate Spider-man. Although he is claimed to be a former Navy Seal, in the comic he comes accross as a less brutal and far less capable version of the character. Ultimate Moon Knight appeared to suffer from a more severe mental disturbance than his classic counterpart, and be an extreme amateur in the world of crime fighting. His multiple personality disorder was pictured as a group of characters talking at a playground: Marc Spector, Steven Grant, Moon Knight, Ronin and a little girl. This version of the costume had a crescent on the head and he almost never wears his hood. His main villains within the comic are the Kingpin and Hammerhead. In this universe, Moon Knight is also Ronin.
Universe: Earth-1610 / Ultimate Universe

Marvel Zombie Moon Knight

What would the Marvel Zombieverse be without a brain loving version of Moon Knight? Appearing breifly in the original Marvel Zombies (and occasionaly throughout the other mini's) The Zombie version of Moon Knight is really no different than any of the other Marvel Zombie. Think of them as evil deteriorating alternate versions. These particular zombies are more cognitave than the regular zombie's seen in fiction, and are capable of plotting and scheming.
Universe: Earth-2149 / Zombieverse

Earth X / Universe X Moon Knight

Earth X is a"future" Dystopic Marvel Universe where most people have gained superpowers. In this Universe, Moon Knight allegedly dead, and has always been dead. He is nothing more than an immortal imprint of his human self that died at the base of Khonshu. Khonshu is revealed to have been an Egyptian interpretation of Uatu. Moon Knight's story is a sad one, in which he is stuck in an eternal battle with the Sons of Set for all time. After Death was defeated, Moon Knight was finally allowed to enter Paradise. This version had one of the greatest costumes of all time, with a retro 20 adventure style mixed with mummy aesthetics.
Universe: Earth-9991 / Earth X

Amalgam MoonWing

In 1996 DC And Marvel joined forces to create a hybrid universe under the title Amalgam Comics. In this universe characters were a composite of two, each from a different companie's roster. In this universe, Moon Knight was Mixed with Dick Grayson/Nightwing to create MoonWing. The split personality attribute remained, only Marc Spector was an alternate personality of Dick Grayson. MoonWing was a member of the Amalgam's SHIELD in this universe. His costume was essentially Nightwings, with Moon Knights cowl and Logo.
Universe: Earth-9602 / Amalgam Universe

Shadowland Moon Knight

This particular incarnation of Moon Knight is from the regular Marvel Comics universe, and is actually Marc's Brother, Randall Spector. This Moon Knight has a different costume, and is a villain, not a hero.
Universe: Earth-9602 / Amalgam Universe

2099 Moon Knight

The Marvel 2099 universe depicts a parallel version of the traditional marvel universe as it would be in the year 2099. In this universe, Moon Knight is actually a female. Not much is actually discussed with this particular Moon Knight, other than she defends the city of Attilan, which is located on the moon.
Universe: Earth-928 / 2099 Universe

House of M: Moon Knight

In the House of M Universe, Mutants reigned supreme, and Humans were treated like an inferior species. In this universe, Moon Knight fought with Luke Cage's Avengers against the Tryannical House of M.
Universe: Earth-58163 / House of M Universe

More Coming Soon....

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