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  Diamond Sells Out, Issues 1-3 go Back to Press!
09-17-11 by: CptFishStick

So, despite very little news about the new Moon Knight series on any of the comic blogs, it appears as though it is selling well. Well enough that Diamond reported it had sold out of all its stock of Moon Knight 1, 2, and 3! It is without surprise that Marvel jumped at the opportunity to bring this series back to press. Issue 1 is getting a third printing, and issues 2 and 3 are getting a second printing. What makes this situation even more exciting is that all 3 covers fit together to make a larger image. This brings the tally up to 6 different covers for Moon Knight (2010) #1. All three of these new printings should hit stores September 21st!

I would love to see all 3 of these covers without any of the logos or words.


  Another Successful Launch Validated with a Second Printing!
05-30-11 by: CptFishStick

There is no denying that Bendis' take on Moon Knight is different from those of previous creators. It will be hard to gauge fan reaction till we see the purchase rate for issues #2 and #3. However, until that time, we should celebrate that issue #1 sold rather well. It was so successful that Marvel is bringing it back to press for a second printing. Although this means yet another variant cover, let it be known that I think this is one of the best Moon Knight covers in years!
The visual style is unique and daring. The image has more substance and complexity then other covers without being inhibited by an overproduced shine.

This is a poster waiting to happen.

Read Marvel's Press Release Here


  A Thank You to the readers of Moon Knight Fan!
05-30-11 by: CptFishStick

I just wanted to say thanks to all the readers of Moon Knight Fan. I appologize for the long hiatus this site suffered in recent years. Thankfully, with a shiny new degree under my hat, I find I have more time without the hassel of a full time college schedule. Over the last few weeks I have been able to maintain regular updates, and Hope to keep it up! Thanks for all the emails since the update, my last email got hacked years back, and I lost it. The site update replaced it with my new one, so fear not. If you wrote to me at the old email, I likley didn't receive it. I hope to keep hearing from all of you, and I hope I can reply to most of them in a timely manner!
Lets hope Moon Knight continues to receive regular coverage and attention in the years to come!


  Another Moon Knight #1 Now with even more Expensive Variants!
05-12-11 by: CptFishStick

This month, yet another Moon Knight #1 has hit the stands. I am always excited to have a Moon Knight series in active publication, but the barrage of #1's in the last few years has really been a disrespectfull ploy to mine fans wallets. Proof of this can be seen in the Variants for the latest Bendis Maleev ongoing. There are 3 (yeah, 3) variant covers for this issue, and all of them are incentives. For those of you that don't know what an incentive variant is, its when the publisher only ships a few of them based on how many copies of the comic a store purchased. All of them are 1 in 25 variants, meaning most shops will sell them for $25 a peice. That means, to get every cover, as a hardcore fan like myself would do, I have to set aside $79 (before tax). I can't afford this, so for the first time in my life, I had to decline to buy them, Rent is more important. I will admit however, that the variant covers are actually really well done. All of them are beautifull. I would have been more forgiving if they were equal distribution variants.


  Excessive Cameo's: More Teams than Personalities
05-12-11 by: CptFishStick

Despite multiple cancelations of his core title, Moon Knight has had regular facetime in a plethora of Marvel books in the last few years. He has joined the Secret Avengers (and all of that teams cameo's as well), Heroes for Hire, and is currently appearing in the Miniseries Onslaught Unleashed. Recently he also appeared in the Shadowland event, which included his own 3 part miniseries.


All of these appearances has made following Moon Knight a very expensive endevor indeed. I don't pick up too many comics (even less since the 3.99 hike), and Moon Knight is my only real comic vice. I admit I am a hardcore Moon Knight completist, but when he is appearing in 4 comics a month that also have multiple variants, it gets a little hard to pony up the cash. The recent obsession with a completley intertwined universe has made standalone comics an element of the past. I miss the days where a Moon Knight comic was self relavent, self sustained, and written for Moon Knight fans, instead of being written to try to get Spider-man fans to give it a try. As much as I love getting to have more Moon Knight material, it seems shallow. Hardcore Moon Knight fans are being ignored, and when the writers realize the vast majority of comic readers don't care, they are going to abandon Moon Knight, as they always do.

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Moon Knight: the TV Series!
04-10-2007 by: CptFishStick

A little while ago, a buzz went accross the net about a potential Moon Knight appearance on the Blade TV Show airing on Spike TV. Sadly, the show was a flop, and the only Moon Knight content of the show was a verbal refrence to Marc Spector in the Piolot episode. But before all hope was lost, Marvel made a suprising anouncement.


Agreements have been Made and paperwork has been signed, a Moon Knight TV show is in the works! Marvel made a deal with No Equal Entertainment to begin production on a Moon Knight Television show. Granted, many shows die in development hell, and never make it to the TV, so there is no gaurantee we will ever see it (but we can always hope). The only hurdle now is if they can make the show any good, unlike the ill fated Blade Series.

Full story at

Moon Knight Now In PC Version of MUA!
04-10-2007 by: CptFishStick

The awesome folks over at have compiled a nifty patch that allows pc owners of the great game Marvel Utlimate Alliance access to some of the Next Gen Goodies, most Notably Moon Knight! Get the Patch Here

Click Here for Info On MUA & Moon Knight

2006 Recap. The Year of Moon Knight
04-10-2007 by: CptFishStick

Wow, 2006 was one of the best years if you were a Moon Knight Fan. After over a decade, he finaly has a comic to call his own. The latest volume debuted, and finished its first arc with great sales figures to back it up. Huston and Finch have proven a very capable pair.


However, Moon Knight Made an impression outside of the world of comics! The Moon Knight likeness also made its way into the form of two action figures in both the Diamond Select Toys "Marvel Select Line" as well as Marvel's own "Marvel Legend" Line (not to mention the variant). Not only are these figures excelent, they are the best of Moon Knight to date No matter what your prefrence, each figure has a different color scheme, so you can be picky if you choose. Moon Knight also made a jump to a medium he has never been in before: Video Games. On next gen (and now PC) versions of the game, you can play as Moon Knight through this Comic Lovers Dream. And if that wasn't enough, Moon Knight is now a potential TV show in the making! All this says is that Moon Knights future looks bright indeed! Let us be grateful for what we have been given, and humbly hope for more!

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