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          Feature: Moon Knight's Costume

  First Feature: Moon Knights Costume
05-12-11 by: CptFishStick

I know alot of you were doubtfull that I would actually get to writing this feature, but here it is.

What color is Moon Knight's Costume? It may sound like a simple question to answer, but actually its not. Like many superheroes, Moon Knights costume has changed. However, most of the time, its because the artists have different interpretations as to what color they think his costume actually is. This question can't be officially answered, as the creators themselves are not necessarily in agreement. Some creators have claimed that his costume was Jet Black and silver. Others have claimed that it is simply all white. Others have claimed that it is entirely black. Some of these might seem rather bizare, but consider the limitations of 4 color comic printing. Silver surfer was printed as being primarily white, yet it was accepted that his skin was actually a silver color. The Debate could go on for quite some time, but I figured it would be better for me to just post some of the differences in Moon Knights Costume throughout the years.

First Costume: Perlin Costume

This was Moon Knights very first costume, as it appeared in Werewolf by night #32 in 1975. In this comic it was explicitly explained that Moon Knights costume was covered in silver due to the Werewolfs allergy to the metal. The Spiked Gloves did not return for his solo adventure in Marvel Spotlight.

Key features:
The Presence of a Colar
The Short length of the cape
The way the Cape attaches to the Metal Forearms
The Spiked Gauntlets
The Wide Belt
Facemask Visible

Second Costume: Sienkiewicz Classic Costume

When Moon Knight finally got his own series in 1980, several major changes had occured with his costume. Most of these had to do with the changes in the Hooded Cape. However, it is also apparent that Bill Sienkiewicz used much heavier shadowing schemes on Moon Knights Costume. During this period he was known as the "Jet and Silver Avenger" (as in Jet Black). This is viewed by most as his Classic costume.

Key features:
Longer Cape
Cape Detached from Forearms
Larger Hood
Heavier use of Blacks
Face Mask usually in shadow

Third Costume: Fist of Khonshu

In the Mid 80's Moon Knight received both an Origin revamp, but also a costume one. His role was brought more in tune with the Egyptian elements of his origin, which also included adding Golden adornments to his costume. It was a more rapid change than previous incarnations, but unique and still visually striking.

Key features:
Ankh Logo
Golden arm and wrist bands
New Weapons
More visible Face

Fourth Costume: Velluto Costume

In time for the 90's Moon Knight made a comeback to his more classic costume. In Marc Spector: Moon Knight #1 the costume removes all of the Fist of Khonshu adornements, and returns to a heavy use of dark shadowing, with the face usually in shadow. The arm bands are no longer metal, and the belt is now much thinner.

Key features:
Thinner belt
No metal armbands
Face shrowded in darkness
More black in costume
Seen using Crossbow

Fifth Costume: Metal Costume

Halfway through the Marc Spector series, Moon Knight took a more high-tech approach to his costume. This resulted in the inclusion of numerous metalic armour bits, as well as heavy use of a staff weapon. It is during this period that artists stopped using heavy darks in his costume.

Key features:
Metal knee high boots
Large Metal Gloves
Shoulder Pads
Thicker belt with double Crescent dart rows
Metal Cod peice
Truncheon Holder on Thigh

Sixth Costume: Platt Costume

There was one final costume variation during the Marc Spector series. After ditching the metal costume, Moon Knight returned to a more simple outfit. His gloves and boots were still metal, however the boots no longer reached the knee, and the gloves were thin, like the classic costume. His belt was also englarged, similar to a wrestlers champion belt.

Key features:
Metal gloves and boots
Larger Crescent Insignia
Huge belt with crescent

Seventh Costume(s): Classic Variants

Somewhere between Sienkiewicz's classic costume and Sal Velluto's costume is what appeared in the two late 90's Moon Knight miniseries, as well as random appearances untill his next ongoing. They used the metal armbands, the plain boots.
Tomy Lee Edwards drew a more loose costume on the character that bagged and bunched. It had a more realistic vibe that was heavy on the whites and had a thin belt. Mark Texeira made it skin tight with a similarly thin belt. However he really played up the use of blacks like the classic costume. Scott Kolins had a wider belt with crescents like the classic costume. However, through computer coloring, the costume was made to look very dark, almost smokey.

Key features:
Classic elements
High variety between versions

Ninth Costume: Finch Costume

As soon as Moon Knight returned for an ongoing series, his costume received an update. This version, which has a Horror vibe to it makes his costume look more beat up and raggedy. A seam now bisects the outfit. The once metal arm and shin bands now appear to be some other hard surface that is wearing down. The belt often has copper colored crescents on it. In several issues Moon Knight has his spiked knuckles. Although shadows are used often, the costume is mostly white, but the mask is often in shadow.

Key features:
Seam down middle
Raggedy Appearance
Often has Spiked Knuckles
Occasional Bronze accents on belt
Rough arm bands and boots

Tenth Costume: Vengeance Costume

Once again Moon Knight has decided to make his costume far more armour based and technologicaly "hip". This costume includes a form of armour, but this is a more formed, sectional armour that is not metalic. There is also a glowing belt buckle, and very unique glove and boot designs. The character is often seen with pistols. This costume is heavily white, with little use of darks. The mask is often visible.

Key features:
Large Crescent Insignia with line down center
Glowing Belt Buckle
Uses and Carrys Guns
Hard Armour
New Boots and Gloves

Ultimate Costume

The ultimate version of Moon Knight has a rather unique costume. His forehead has an additional crescent on it, and the hood is usuall not worn up. The belt has large heavy pockets on it, and there is a large square portion elongating from the belt to the shoulders. This costume has a heavy use of darks and blacks.

Key features:
crescent on forehead
Hood often not worn up
Large pockets on Belt
Often has staff
Metal armbands
Heavy boots

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