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Alternate Versions of Moon Knight
08-2-2011 by: CptFishStick

The stories in comics tend to become more convuluted and complicated the longer they have been in publication. This is evident by the multiple universe theme employed by all the major publishers. The more universes their are, the more versions of each character exists. You don't need an alternate universe to have an alternate version of the character either. Moon Knight is no different, so I have created this ever expanding guide to keep track of them all.

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Moon Knight: The Costumes
05-12-2011 by: CptFishStick

What color is Moon Knight's Costume? It may sound like a simple question to answer, but actually its not. Like many superheroes, Moon Knights costume has changed. However, most of the time, its because the artists have different interpretations as to what color they think his costume actually is. This question can't be officially answered, as the creators themselves are not necessarily in agreement. This is a simple display of many of the costume variations over the years:

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Moon Knight In Videogames
05-12-2011 by: CptFishStick

Recently, Moon Knight has had the awesome luck of appearing in two seperate video games. To make the matter even sweeter, he is a playable character. These two video games are of course Marvel Ultimate Alliance (he is sadly absent from the sequel) and Spider-man: Web of Shadows. I have collected some important information, as well as Videos of the game in this feature.

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Batman Controversy
05-15-2011 by: CptFishStick

Ever since Moon Knight got his own comic in 1980, he has been plagued with criticism that he was nothing more than a Batman rip-off. Despite numerous creator's attempts to change this perception over the years, nothing seems to have changed. Even while browsing ebay today, titles like "marvel's batman" litter the results. Why is this? Well, as with anything worth knowing, it is a complicated issue that is the result of several different aspects.

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