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          Links: Connecting Moon Knight throughout the web



Moon Knight Community

Moon Knight Yahoo Group
This is a great place to get Pictures and info On Moon Knight. Functions like a message board. Requires Yahoogroups account. Both this site and the Message board are Moderated by Kevin Moyer, the only man on the planet who might be a bigger Moon Knight fan than me!

Comic Vine Moon Knight Portal
The Comic Vine site has links to discussions, news, pictures, and more!

Moon Knight Message Board
This is a great place for Moon Knight fans to have hassle free chats and ask questions. Its a great place to discuss the latest issues of Moon Knight.

Info and Articles about Moon Knight

Moon Knight Wikipedia Entry.
Wikipedia has one of the best Moon Knight Bios I have ever Read. (I have even contributed to it)

Many Phases of the Moon
by. Allen Zelenetz This is an in-depth history of Moon Knights creation, it originally appeared as a backup feature in a Moon Knight comic. I removed the images in the scan so that it would be a smaller image file.

The Religion of Moon Knight
This is an excellent piece that discusses Moon Knights religious affiliation, as well as Judaism in comic books. It also has references to source material.

Marvel Chronology Project
Site devoted to listing every character appearance, in chronological order. Amazing Feat indeed! Chronology Proj Moon Knight Listing

Marvel Wikia
Mostly just a set of many images, with a little information about them. Good source for Alternative Universe Moon Knight Info.

Marvel Unnapearances Khonshu Biography
This is one of the most impressive comic sites on the internet. Dubbed the Appendix to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe, it contains information on almost every character in the Marvel Universe. This information is extremly detailed, and will likley humble your own knowledge.

Comic Book Movie BATTLE POLL: Moon Knight VS. Batman
Fun little information comparing Moon Knight and Batman, plus a good poll for fans!

MTV Geek article on the Bendis/Maleev Moon Knight
This is a great preview article for the Bendis Maleev Moon Knight comic. Includes interview elements, and info on Moon Knight's past. Worth the read.

Creators and Publishers

Marvel Comics Moon Knight Page
Marvel Comics Homepage
The publisher and owner of Moon Knight.

Doug Moench Wikipedia Entry
The writer that created Moon Knight
Don Perlin Wikipedia Entry
The Artist that created Moon Knight
Bill Sienkiewicz's Homepage
Bill Sienkiewicz Wikipedia Entry
The Most Important Artist ever for Moon Knight. He defined His Look and atmosphere.

Marvel:Ultimate Alliance Page
Site devoted to the recent activison game that has Moon Knight as a playable character.
Marvel Ultimate Alliance Wikipedia Entry

Spider-man Web of Shadows Page
Web of Shadows Wikipedia Entry

Web of shadows is a recent Spider-man game that has Moon Knight as a playable character.

Misc Moon Knight

Moon Knight Cosplay 1
Moon Knight Cosplay 2
Moon Knight finally has a cosplayer in the community. Check out the galleries to see this devoted fans efforts to recreate Moon Knight in reality.


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